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Loading funds to your Payhawk account
Loading funds to your Payhawk account

Add funds to your Payhawk account by making a bank transfer or topping up the amount from linked accounts in the UK and Europe.

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Companies operating in the UK and Europe can add funds to their Payhawk accounts over a bank transfer, or top-up funds from a linked bank account directly from the system.

For more information about the supported currencies, payment schemes, and settlement times, see the section about fund currencies and payment schemes for bank transfers.


  • You will be able to load funds to your Payhawk account only after your Payhawk account has been fully approved by the Payhawk Compliance team.

  • When attempting to make an incoming bank transfer, check if a payment reference is required the reason being that for an incoming bank transfer, you can have the following types of bank accounts to load funds from:

    • Personal ledger - An individual IBAN dedicated to your company to which you can send bank transfers. In this case, you won't be required to add any special payment reference when loading funds into your Payhawk account.

    • Pooled account - A general account to which you can send funds. In this case, to enable the bank transfer to be allocated and credited to your balance, you must include your personal reference number in the Payment reference field.

Benefits of topping up funds

The fast and efficient option for topping up funds from a linked bank account provides Payhawk administrators with many benefits.

  • You can top up the funds without having to exit the Payhawk portal, then log in to your banking application, copy and paste the deposit details, and, finally, execute your transfer from there. Instead, you link a bank account and top up directly from the Funds screen.

  • You can link your bank account once and top up multiple times as your account information is securely saved on the Funds page of the Payhawk portal.

  • You can take advantage of the faster implementation of the top-up functionality. When topping up, Payhawk filters the most relevant accounts per currency from which you can top up, prompting, in this way, a domestic transfer to save you time and money.

Topping up funds from linked accounts

To top up funds in your Payhawk wallet from linked bank accounts in the UK and Europe, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Dashboard > Funds and click on your desired currency in your credit or debit accounts.

  2. Click on the + Add Funds button. As a result, a list with your linked accounts appears.

    Note that each bank provider delivers their own user experience on logging in and authorizing the payment. For this guide, you'll be using Revolut.

    Payhawk displays only accounts that are available for domestic payments such as the one shown in the following image.

    An example of a domestic payment prompt showing UK as a payer and payee country, and GBP as a currency.
  3. Click the linked account of your preference to set it as a funding source for topping up the required funds and specify the amount.

  4. Click on Add Funds.

    Note that:

    • UK customers need to review the Payment total, Payee name, Sort code, Account number, and Payment reference fields.

    • EU customers need to review the Payment total, Payee name, BIC/SWIFT, IBAN, and Payment reference fields.

  5. Click Log in to authorize the top-up from your linked bank account.

    As a result, you will be transferred to your banking provider to authorize the payment.

  6. Once you have authorized the payment, the deposit will be displayed as pending under your relevant account. When the deposit is settled, it will be shown under the Deposit History field of the account.

The Deposit history field on the Payhawk platform showing the fund deposit transation.

Loading money with bank transfers

To add money to your Payhawk account by transferring the required amount:

  1. Go to Dashboard > Funds.

  2. Select the desired currency. Click on Add funds.

  3. On the next screen, copy the information of your account and include it in the bank wire.

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