We created this feature because we know how hard it is to have control over ALL company cards. Please remember that this feature is only available for Enterprise Plans. If you have a Pro or Premium Plan and you want to upgrade your account don't hesitate to contact us.

Spend Policies allows you to manage multiple cards with a predefined policy where you can easily configure limits and card settings for Executives, Managers, and Employees.

spend policies in Payhawk

With this new feature, you can group card level controls such as recurring limits, ATM withdrawals, and approval chain for requests and manage all cards in bulk without the need to deal with individual card controls.

You can also define a limit for automatic approval on requests that is helpful if you don't want to bother administrators and the finance team for small requests under a certain amount.

On the contrary, if you want to have a super rigid spending policy, you can set a zero recurring limit for your employees, and approve every request as it comes through the system.

Ready to start using them? Follow the steps in the articles below:

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