Freeze or delete corporate cards. Set spending limits and define spend policies. Enable ATM and card requests and manage all your team and individual corporate cards.

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Issuing Payhawk cardsIssue virtual Payhawk corporate cards or plastic and Premium Metal physical ones for the employees at your company.
Issuing virtual American Express CardsIssue and manage virtual Cards using your eligible physical American Express Card as a funding source through Payhawk.
Naming cards for employeesName the Payhawk corporate cards your company has issued to your employees.
Setting spend limits, ATM withdrawals, and fund requests for employee cardsDefine card-spend and recurring monthly limits and allow fund requests and ATM withdrawals for individual cards with spend-alone limits.
Freezing, unfreezing, and closing cards for employeesLearn how to block or delete cards
Reissuing expired Payhawk cardsWhat happens when my Payhawk card expires? How can I reissue employees' cards?