Excited you are trying this new feature. Here you will learn how to set up and assign spend policies. To create a Spend Policy follow the steps below:

  • Go to the cards menu on your web app

  • Click on Spend Policies under the Payhawk logo

  • Click on the plus button (create new policy)

  • A new window will appear on the right-hand side and you will be able to input: policy name (1), recurring monthly limit (2), ATM withdrawals and Online payments (3), and approval flow (4, 5).

  • For approval you can set:

    • Monthly sum-up: i.e. whether monthly accumulation of the requested funds is applicable or the approval thresholds are valid for each request separately. (4)

    • Approval type - you can choose between approval chain and single step approval:

      • approval chain is sequential e.g. only when the first person approves the request, the person in the next step will receive it.

      • single-step approval - depending on the amount requested you jump directly to the person/people set on the corresponding threshold for approval.

  • Adding an approval step will prompt you to choose an amount up to which the individual should approve requests (6)

  • You can also choose the employee responsible - that could be a Team Manager, Any administrator, or any individual from the company (7)

After your chain is ready, just click on create policy and you are all set.

More questions? Feel free to ping us on Intercom.

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