When we talk about expense management with Payhawk, there are three types of expenses that you can upload via our app:

  1. Expenses you paid with your Payhawk card (physical or virtual)

  2. Expenses you paid with corporate funds (cash or card)

  3. Expenses you paid with your private funds. For this type of expense, you want to be reimbursed.

No matter the type of expense, sometimes, employees forget to upload their receipts. But don't worry! Payhawk gots you covered.

Once a transaction is done with a Payhawk card, the user will receive a mobile notification to upload the receipt. At the end of the day, another mobile notification is sent reminding them about the expenses they have to submit.

The last 3 days of each month, team members who have forgotten to submit their receipts will receive an email like this:

Management would also receive an email, containing the list of people who forgot to upload their expenses:

This is how Payhawk makes sure you stay on track with managing your expenses.

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