Your TravelPerk integration helps you stay on top of your business travels. Each time you make an expense on TravelPerk with a Payhawk card, all of the invoices will be automatically imported into Payhawk. Payhawk will check whether you have any new invoices every hour. 😊

Before you enable the integration on your Payhawk account, you need to make sure that your TravelPerk account is correctly configured:

  • Open TravelPerk

  • Go to Company Settings find Invoice Profile

Make sure your billing cycle is set to immediate

in that way an invoice will be generated every time you make a purchase with your Payhawk card

Enabling the integration takes only a couple of clicks:

  • Log in to your Payhawk account

  • Go to the Settings tab

  • Go to Integrations

  • Select the TravelPerk

  • Log in and authorize Payhawk to retrieve your expenses

  • Enjoy your trip!

Your Payhawk account is successfully connected to TravelPerk. All you have to do now is book your next trip with your Payhawk card and leave the rest to Payhawk.

Let us know how our new partnership works for you in the chat!

Happy spending! 💳

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