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Exporting expenses and payments to Xero
Exporting expenses and payments to Xero

Export your Payhawk expenses and payments to Xero.

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The Payhawk integration with Xero is designed to work effortlessly and help you keep your data between the two systems in sync at all times.

Notes on exporting to Xero

  • It's recommended that you sync your Payhawk-Xero accounts every time you make changes in Xero.

  • An expense will be automatically exported to Xero once that expense is marked as reviewed. As a result, all your expense data, images, and bank statements will be imported to Xero. For more information, see the overview of the pushed and pulled payments, expenses, and deposits between Payhawk and Xero.

  • After the export to Xero, Payhawk will pull the value for the expense External ID from the Bill number of that expense. If there is also a payment export for the payment External ID, Payhawk will display the value from the Bill payment number of that payment.


To start exporting expenses and payments, make sure you have connected the Payhawk and Xero systems.

Exporting expense and payment data from Payhawk to Xero

To export your Payhawk expenses to Xero:

  1. Log in to your Payhawk account.

  2. Go to Expenses > Review.

  3. Select an expense.

  4. Check if all the data is correctly stored in the expense.

  5. Click on Review.

If an error occurs while exporting your data from Payhawk to Xero, Payhawk will display an error message suggesting what is wrong with the data.

Viewing exported expenses in the ERP from Payhawk

To directly view your exported expenses to Xero from Payhawk:

  1. Log in to your Payhawk account.

  2. Go to Expenses.

  3. Select the desired expense.

  4. Click on the three dots menu and click on View in Xero.

Viewing export data and using export filters for expenses and payments in Payhawk

The export event between the two systems can be viewed from the Expenses app in the View history audit log of the expense.

The detailed export data of an expense or payment can be viewed from the Expenses app in the Export section of that expense.

You can also filter out expenses and payments based on various filters relevant to Xero such as Export status, Exported by, Export date, External ID, and others.

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