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Mapping Payhawk categories to the Xero chart of accounts
Mapping Payhawk categories to the Xero chart of accounts

Learn how to map your chart of accounts in Xero to the corresponding accounting categories in Payhawk.

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Payhawk supports user-friendly options for mapping the chart of accounts in Xero with the respective accounting categories in Payhawk.

When you connect to your Xero organisation for the first time, Payhawk automatically pulls the available chart of accounts. Later, you can manually update them at any time.

Expenses with categories that are not mapped to Xero chart of accounts will be automatically mapped to the Payhawk General expense account which Payhawk creates in Xero.

To synchronise your categories from Xero with the corresponding Payhawk categories, follow the steps:

  1. In Payhawk, go to Settings > Expense fields.

  2. Click on Categories.

  3. Click on the Update from Xero button.

  4. Map your existing Payhawk categories with the corresponding Xero chart of accounts by hovering over the desired category, clicking on the Edit icon, and selecting from the drop-down list with available options. Then, click on Save.

    Alternatively, you can delete a category by clicking on the Delete icon.

    You can also create your own category by clicking on the + Add category button.

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