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Adding your Payhawk card to Google Wallet
Adding your Payhawk card to Google Wallet

Can I add my physical and virtual card to Google Wallet from the Payhawk mobile app? How can I pay with my card from Google Wallet?

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You can add both your virtual and physical Payhawk cards to the Google Wallet app on Android devices directly from the Payhawk mobile app.

Google Wallet doesn't support work profiles. Therefore, to be able to add your Payhawk VISA card to Google Wallet on your Android device, you must use your personal profile with the Google Wallet app.

Supported Google Wallet payments

If you are based in Europe, the UK, or the US, you will be able to add your Payhawk cards to your Google Wallet and make contactless payments from your Android phone or smartwatch.

However, you may come across some exceptions and experience issues during the process. For troubleshooting, see the available approaches related to solving issues with adding or paying with Payhawk cards from Google Wallet.


Before you start, make sure you downloaded the Google Wallet app and updated the Payhawk mobile app to its latest version:

  1. Go to Google Store.

  2. Navigate to the Payhawk app.

  3. Click on Update.

Adding your Payhawk VISA card to Google Wallet in the app

To add your Payhawk VISA card to Google Pay:

  1. Open the Payhawk mobile app.

  2. Tap the Card icon from the tab menu.

  3. Swipe to find the card you want to add to your Google Wallet.

  4. Tap Add to G Pay and follow the instructions.

  5. After you add the card, the Added to Google Pay label will appear.

Paying with Payhawk cards from Google Wallet

Once you add your VISA card to Google Wallet, you can use the card and pay with it through Google Wallet wherever you see either the contactless or Google Wallet symbols that are visible on the payment terminal screen or on the cash register at checkout.

To pay through Google Wallet after you have added your card, you don’t need to open the Payhawk mobile app - wake up your Android phone and hold it near the reader until you see a checkmark.


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