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Find the solution to issues you come across when using Payhawk and its spend management solution.

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I cannot add my Payhawk card to Google WalletTroubleshoot card issues when being unable to add your Payhawk card to Google Wallet.
I cannot pay with my Payhawk card from Google WalletTroubleshoot card issues when being unable to pay with your Payhawk card from Google Wallet.
I haven't received my cardWhy does it take so long for my card to arrive? Where's my Payhawk card?
I cannot log inI can't log in to Payhawk with my email. What to do if I'm not able to log in to Payhawk with my email credentials?
How can I change my company's trading and delivery address?How can I change the business details of the company?
How can I request an audit letter from Payhawk?How to ask Payhawk to confirm my company's financial info to my auditor? Which address/data to include in the audit letter?
I'm missing my receiptI don't have receipts for my expenses - what to do if I'm missing or lost receipts for my card expenses?
Why is my card transaction pending?I paid with my card a long time ago - why is the transaction still pending and the money didn't go?
How can I log in to Payhawk?Can I log in to my Payhawk account with my email? How do I know if we have single-sign-on (SSO) enabled for the company?
How can I update my email with Payhawk?The email with which I registered with Payhawk and activated my account changed. How can I update/modify/change it in Payhawk?
How can I update my phone number in Payhawk?My phone number linked to/associated with my Payhawk account changed. How can I modify/change/update it in Payhawk?
How can I resend email invites to employees?The invitation to an employee has expired. What to do to invite employees again/resend invites to Payhawk so that they can register?
Can I use my card at self-service gas stations?I paid at a self-service gas station with my card. What amount will the merchant take? For how long will the maximum amount be blocked?
Can I pay with my card for accommodation and car rentals?I paid at a hotel and rented a car with my card. When will the money be taken by the merchant? When will the hold on the money be released?
My card transaction failedWhy cannot I pay with my Payhawk card? What to do if the payment with my card has failed?