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Setting approval workflows for card requests
Setting approval workflows for card requests

Allow employees to request cards and set up approval and issuing workflows that suit your organization best.

Written by Borislav Deyanov
Updated over a week ago

All employees can request a new Payhawk card. The right to approve the request and issue the card, however, needs to be explicitly defined by Payhawk administrators.

To define the card request workflow in Payhawk:

  1. Log in to the Payhawk web portal.

  2. Go to the Settings > Workflows > Card requests tab.

  3. Click on Edit workflow.

  4. From the Approve drop-down menu, select the person or role, or the custom approval workflow.

  5. From the Issue drop-down menu, select whether a specific or any Payhawk administrator will be able to issue new cards for employees.

  6. Once ready, click on Save changes.

The default Approve and Issue Request a card workflows are set to Any administrator.

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