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Overview of supplier fields for administrators
Overview of supplier fields for administrators

Add more details about desired suppliers by using the built-in supplier options or configure the custom additional supplier fields.

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The available supplier fields are part of the supplier management solution provided by Payhawk. They enhance the data for each company supplier by providing additional information about that supplier which your company considers important and, therefore, requires to be filled in.

Adding your existing supplier data to Payhawk

Payhawk accountants and administrators can populate the existing supplier records of the company manually by using the Excel template file. For more information, see the article about manually importing and exporting suppliers in Payhawk.

Suppliers can also be synced automatically if you have connected Payhawk to your ERP system (accounting software). For more information:

Viewing the consolidated supplier data

The management of the supplier records happens in the Suppliers app which acts as a single source of truth for your supplier data. For more information, see the section about the benefits of the Payhawk supplier management solution.

Available supplier data and operations

Each supplier in Payhawk has a Details and an Expense categorization section.

  • The Details section includes general, payment, contact, and additional information about a supplier.

  • The Expense categorization section includes information about the pre-defined category for the expenses associated with that supplier.

For more information, see the suppliers overview article for accountants.

Payhawk accountants and administrators can do various operations with the supplier records such as creating and editing them. For more information:

Available supplier fields

Payhawk provides the following types of supplier fields to help you tailor the supplier records for your company needs:

Built-in (default) supplier fields

Except for the optional External ID field, the built-in fields are the supplier fields that are included in the Suppliers > Details > General section. Their default source definition is only visible to Payhawk administrators in the Settings > Supplier fields > Built-in fields.

Additional (custom) supplier fields

The additional supplier fields are displayed in the Suppliers > Details > Additional section and include any custom supplier fields that are pre-defined by Payhawk administrators from the Settings > Supplier fields > Additional fields section.

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