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Synching suppliers between Payhawk and Oracle NetSuite
Synching suppliers between Payhawk and Oracle NetSuite

Use the Suppliers Payhawk app and sync the information about the suppliers between the Payhawk and Oracle NetSuite systems.

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Payhawk has launched a set of supplier management functionalities, which enables the exchange of supplier information and details between the Payhawk and Oracle NetSuite systems.

The supplier synching option optimizes the time an employee spends on navigating between the two systems and looking for supplier information when paying bills or performing other related activities.


When synching suppliers between Payhawk and Oracle NetSuite, note the following specifics:

  • Payhawk will filter out only the suppliers for the specific Oracle NetSuite subsidiary.

  • Payhawk will sync only active Oracle NetSuite suppliers. Inactive suppliers in Oracle NetSuite will be filtered out.

  • Payhawk will sync only suppliers with unique names and tax numbers.

    If you have suppliers with the same name or tax number, Payhawk will not sync them and will display a warning to inform you. To solve this issue, make sure that all suppliers have unique names and tax numbers, and perform the sync again.

Initially synching suppliers between Payhawk and Oracle NetSuite

The initial sync between the Payhawk and Oracle NetSuite systems performs the following:

  1. Payhawk imports the list of suppliers from Oracle NetSuite.

  2. Payhawk will attempt to map all existing suppliers to the Oracle NetSuite suppliers.

  3. Once the mapping finishes, Payhawk will show only the suppliers that are available in Oracle NetSuite.

Payhawk will not update previously classified expenses. If a supplier has been selected for an expense before the initial sync, Payhawk will not update the Supplier ID to match the Vendor ID in Oracle NetSuite.

Synching supplier fields between Payhawk and Oracle NetSuite

Payhawk will sync the supplier fields with the general details of the supplier both ways. For example, if you make an update to a supplier name on Payhawk, Payhawk will sync this information in Oracle NetSuite and vice versa.

Adding new suppliers from Payhawk to Oracle NetSuite

If you create a supplier in Payhawk, that supplier will be automatically created in Oracle NetSuite in real time and will use the same supplier fields.

Updating supplier data in Payhawk

If the data about a supplier in Oracle NetSuite has been updated and you want to update that supplier's data in Payhawk too:

  1. Log in to the Payhawk web platform.

  2. Go to the Suppliers app. As a result, the Company suppliers page will be shown.

  3. Click on the Company suppliers three dots menu.

  4. Select Update from NetSuite.

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