Oracle NetSuite

Connect and map your Payhawk categories with your Oracle NetSuite accounts.

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Overview of shared data with Oracle NetSuiteLearn what data is pulled and pushed between Payhawk and Oracle NetSuite.
Connecting Payhawk to Oracle NetSuiteLearn how to connect your Payhawk organization to Oracle NetSuite.
Mapping Payhawk categories to Oracle NetSuite chart of accountsLearn how to map your chart of accounts in Oracle NetSuite to the corresponding accounting categories in Payhawk.
Exporting expenses and payments to Oracle NetSuiteExport your Payhawk expenses and payments to Oracle NetSuite.
Exporting document date and service (posting) period into Oracle NetSuiteAllow the transaction date to be outside the posting period in Oracle NetSuite and enable both document and service period dates to export.
Exporting receipts as journal entries in Oracle NetSuiteEnable receipts export from Payhawk as journal entries in Oracle NetSuite and learn what data is exported to the ERP system.
Synching suppliers between Payhawk and Oracle NetSuiteUse the Suppliers Payhawk app and sync the information about the suppliers between the Payhawk and Oracle NetSuite systems.
Synching accounts between Payhawk and Oracle NetSuiteSync your chart of accounts, bank accounts, tax rates, classifications, and departments between Payhawk and Oracle NetSuite.
Updating custom fields from Oracle NetSuiteDefine and fetch Oracle NetSuite classes, locations, custom segments and records, and transaction line fields as Payhawk custom fields.
Updating departments from Oracle NetSuiteFetch departments from the Oracle NetSuite accounting software to the Payhawk system.
Updating VAT rates from Oracle NetSuiteSync the VAT rates between the Payhawk system and your Oracle NetSuite accounting software.
FAQ on the Payhawk-Oracle NetSuite integrationFind the answers to frequently asked questions and corner cases regarding the ORacl NetSuite integration by Payhawk.