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3D secure protection for online VISA card payments
3D secure protection for online VISA card payments

Can I add Touch ID or Face ID security to my phone to use my cards? Can I approve or decline online payments from the Payhawk mobile app?

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As of 1 August 2023, all online VISA card payments that require user authentication will have to be confirmed within the Payhawk mobile app instead of over a received SMS.


  • Increased security level over Touch ID or Face ID, or a static user password required when you log into the Payhawk mobile app.

  • Convenient authentication setup as now you don't have to copy a code received over an SMS and, then, paste it to the online payment dialog.


Upon opening the Payhawk mobile app, you may be required to update their Payhawk mobile app to its latest version.

Paying online using the 3D security technology

When you make an online transaction that is challenged and requires user authentication:

  1. Payhawk sends a push notification to your mobile phone for authorising the pending online VISA payment.

    Payhawk push notification for online payment authorisation using the 3D secure protection technology.

  2. Click on the link from the received push notification to open the Payhawk mobile app.

    Alternatively, or if you don't have your push notifications enabled, go to the Payhawk mobile app directly and open it.

    The Payhawk mobile app screen requiring the input of Face ID biometric data to authenticate.
  3. Within the next six minutes, confirm or decline the pending online payment by tapping the Confirm or Decline button respectively.

    The Confirm card payment screen in Payhawk mobile app with the time left for authorisation.

As a result, depending on your decision, the online VISA payment will either be approved or declined.

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