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Reporting fraudulent and unrecognized transactions
Reporting fraudulent and unrecognized transactions

My card is lost or stolen, what are my next steps? What to do if I don't know what I paid with my card/cannot recognize my card transaction?

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As a cardholder, you may spot a fraudulent transaction or a transaction that you don't recognize, or your card may get lost or stolen.

If your card has been lost or stolen, or you see an unrecognized or fraudulent transaction:

  1. Freeze your Payhawk corporate card immediately to prevent further use until you investigate your transactions.

  2. Report the case to the Payhawk Support team and Payhawk administrator.

Tips for checking unrecognized transactions

Unrecognized transactions may turn out to be legitimate. After you have frozen your card, you can investigate whether this is the case by following the tips:

  • Look into the date, time, and location of the unrecognized transaction to see if any of the details are known or seem familiar to you.

  • Check if the retailer you paid trades under a different name.

  • See if another account holder made the payment.

  • Note if the transaction is "pending", meaning that it is still being processed.

Action plan

If you still don't recognize the transaction or have noticed anything suspicious taking place with your Payhawk account, immediately:

  1. Contact the Payhawk Support team in either or both ways:

  2. Inform the Payhawk administrator at your company and request a new Payhawk corporate card, if you need one in the meantime.

If the payment is genuine, but the amount is wrong, you’ll need to contact the merchant.

If the transaction turns out to be legitimate, you can unfreeze your Payhawk corporate card and continue using it.

Dispute times and fees

The designated period for reporting fraudulent or unauthorized transactions with the card service providers is three months. If the transaction occurred more than three months before the time you contact the Support team, Payhawk will be unable to dispute it.

The fee related to a dispute claim is 25 currency units depending on the EUR, GBP, or USD currency of the account. This charge comes from the bank providers of the merchants, with whom Payhawk raises the disputes. Payhawk will need explicit confirmation for this charge on behalf of the cardholder to be able to proceed with the dispute request.

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