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FAQ on the Payhawk-Oracle NetSuite integration
FAQ on the Payhawk-Oracle NetSuite integration

Find the answers to frequently asked questions and corner cases regarding the ORacl NetSuite integration by Payhawk.

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This article lists some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) and solutions to some corner cases related to the integration between the Payhawk system and the Oracle NetSuite accounting software.

How is the Payhawk-Oracle NetSuite integration built?

Payhawk’s integration is available on NetSuite’s SuiteApp Marketplace. The connector has been built with the NetSuite API, which allows both systems to communicate directly without additional hosting resources.

How long does it take to integrate both systems?

It will take approximately 15-20 minutes to set up the integration. You can do the setup on your own, as the product will guide you through every step. If you need assistance, Payhawk’s customer success, implementation, and solution engineering teams will support you.

Does Payhawk differentiate between invoice and payment recognition dates?

Yes, following the accruals concept, Payhawk differentiates between invoice and receipt, and payment recognition dates.

Can an expense in Payhawk be split into multiple line items?

Payhawk supports multiple line items on a single expense and they are exported into Oracle NetSuite.

Does Payhawk export FX and POS fees?

Payhawk applies the key concepts of IAS 21 for FX transactions. When a card is used on a transaction that differs from the card currency, VISA or Mastercard will apply an FX rate and Payhawk will post this expense into Oracle NetSuite in the card’s currency using this rate.

However, if the card currency differs from the base currency of Oracle NetSuite, there will be two FX transactions, one given by VISA or Mastercard, and the other one given by the accounting system, like in the case of a foreign currency invoice.

How does Payhawk use the vendors from Oracle NetSuite?

Payhawk’s Supplier Management module (Suppliers app) hosts all your supplier data in sync with Oracle NetSuite, ensuring your supplier master data is always up-to-date.

You can manage and create suppliers directly in the Payhawk platform. The system also keeps an audit log to track any change to the Suppliers information made by your Payhawk administrators or accountants.

Can I fix bookkeeping mistakes?

Payhawk administrators or accountants can return an expense for review, make the needed adjustments, and send the updated expense back to Oracle NetSuite with a few clicks in the Payhawk web portal.

Can Payhawk modify locked periods in NetSuite?

No, Payhawk will not modify any information in Oracle NetSuite from a locked period.

What if Payhawk’s NetSuite integration doesn't work for my NetSuite configuration?

The integration can be extended or customized to fit your requirements by the Solutions Engineering Team at Payhawk or authorized solution partners. For more information, contact your Payhawk Account Executive.

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