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Assigning Additional Card Members' Cards
Assigning Additional Card Members' Cards

Assign Additional Card Members' Cards to the Additional Card Members and monitor their settled transactions history in Payhawk.

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If your Main Cards have Additional Card Members' Cards, you can assign them to their Additional Card Members. In this way, you'll be able to view their transaction history and monitor any future transactions as of the day of the assignment.

Additional Card Members' Cards cannot be linked to Payhawk.

To assign an Additional Card Member's Card in Payhawk:

  1. Go to the Cards > Linked cards tab. Payhawk will display a prompt for any unassigned Additional Card Members' Cards of the Main Card.

  2. Click on Resolve.

    Alternatively, under the Additional Card Members tab, you can see a list of unassigned Card owners. Click on Assign against the desired Card.

  3. In the dialog that opens, select the Additional Card Member.

  4. (Optional) Provide a name for the Card.

  5. Click on Assign. As a result, the assigned Card will be listed under the Additional Card Members tab of the linked Main Card.

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