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Logging in to Payhawk

How can I log in to Payhawk? Can I use my company email to log in? Why I cannot log in to Payhawk?

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You can log in to Payhawk either by entering your email or over the single sign-on (SSO) authentication method.

To log in to the system in the expected by your company way, first, contact your Payhawk administrator to understand whether the SSO has been enabled and which is the SSO service provider (for example, Google). If you are not sure who your Payhawk administrator is, reach out to your Team manager to advise you accordingly.

In the Log in dialog, you have the following options:

  • If your company hasn't enabled the SSO, then you will need to enter the email with which you have registered to Payhawk in the E-mail address field.

  • If your company has enabled the SSO through Google as an SSO provider, you need to click on the Continue with Google button.

  • If your company has enabled the SSO through another SSO provider, you need to enter your email in the E-mail address field so that you'll be automatically redirected to the website of your SSO service provider to continue.

For the specific login steps, see the article about how to log in to Payhawk.

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