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Managing your profile in Payhawk's Business Spend Management Platform allows you as an employee to add your reimbursement details, update your password, check your travel insurance, and configure even more settings.

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Registering to Payhawk with an email inviteRegister your personal Payhawk account on the Payhawk web platform by using an email invitation.
Registering to Payhawk over Active DirectoryHow can I register my Payhawk account with my company credentials over Active Directory?
Activating your personal Payhawk accountHow can I activate my account and start using Payhawk? Do I have to activate it from the mobile app only?
Activating your personal Payhawk account with a one-time passwordHow can I activate my account with the password my Payhawk administrator has sent me on the email?
Changing your language preferenceHow can I change my language? Where to go and switch it? Can I use Payhawk in German, Spanish, French, and other languages?
Adding your bank details for reimbursementWhere can I add my bank details so the company can send me money for the company expenses I paid? How can I get paid for made expenses?
Enabling and disabling the out-of-office modeHow can I let people know that I'm out of the office (OOO)? How can I delegate my tasks to teammates during my absence?
Changing your mobile app security codeHow can I update the 4-digit security code for my Payhawk card?
Resetting the password for your personal Payhawk accountI have forgotten my password for Payhawk and cannot log in. How can I create a new password for my Payhawk account?
Adding extra security to your Payhawk cardHow can I add Face ID or Touch ID recognition to access my Payhawk cards on mobile?
Adding and managing trusted devices for your personal Payhawk accountHow can I add my phone so that Payhawk sends me notifications to authorize when I try to log in? Can I delete a trusted device from Payhawk?
Viewing the current version of your Payhawk mobile appWhere and how can I see what version of the Payhawk app I'm currently using?