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Managing expense documents on mobile
Managing expense documents on mobile

How can I add many documents to my expenses? Can I add invoices from my phone Gallery or Files, or upload them from my mail to Payhawk?

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To upload expense documents, you can take a photo with your mobile phone camera and use the Payhawk optical character recognition (OCR) functionality, upload them as images from your phone gallery or as PDF files from your phone File folder, or directly share them with Payhawk.

Taking photos of expense documents or adding them as images and files from your phone

To upload the necessary document on mobile, you can use any of the following approaches depending on your specific case:

  • Take a photo of the receipt or invoice with the camera of your phone at the time you create the expense and add its details.

    • The Payhawk optical character recognition (OCR) capability will automatically detect the document, take the photo for you, adjust its edges, and extract the supplier data.

    • Alternatively, you can take a photo manually.

  • Add an image from the photo gallery on your phone.

  • Add a file from the file folder on your phone.

Adding multiple documents to expenses

In Payhawk, you can add two or more documents to expenses when creating the expense or after that:

Rotating expense documents

When you've taken a photo of your expense document, you can rotate it by clicking the Edit icon.

Improving the readability of expense documents

If the data on the expense document is difficult to read, you can improve its readability by using the display modes of the Stars icon.

Deleting expense documents and uploading correct invoices to the expense

If the image itself is not of good quality, you can delete the photo you've taken by clicking the Trash icon and, then, add a new image or file, or take another photo of the document.

Sharing expense documents as files with the Payhawk mobile app

You can also opt for the direct file-sharing option and upload an existing file or image with Payhawk through the native functionality of your mobile phone.

  1. On your phone, open the image or the PDF file.

  2. Click on the Share button.

  3. From the list of options, select the Payhawk mobile app.

  4. Follow the instructions.

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