Overview of shared data with HR systems

Learn what data is pulled from your HR information system (HRIS) in Payhawk.

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Payhawk partners with Merge to provide integration with more than 50 HR information systems (HRIS).


The supported HRIS integration capabilities enable you to:

  • Automatically and securely onboard and offboard your employees to Payhawk through daily master employee data synchronization without any manual effort.

  • Improve your compliance by preventing unauthorized spending from company leavers.

  • Connect all your entities at once with the multi-entity management capabilities.


  • Payhawk’s access to HR data is read-only and the system does not push any data back to your HR system.

  • Payhawk will synchronize the HR data of your employees as long as it is available in your HR system. For more information, see the full list of supported HR systems and the available HR data.

Shared HR data

The following diagram shows the master HR data that is shared with Payhawk.

Imported data from HRIS

The Employee status data field is shared between your HR information system and Payhawk. Only employees with an Active status will be imported and visible in Payhawk.

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