Connecting Payhawk to your HR system

Connect your HR information system (HRIS) with Payhawk and automatically onboard and offboard employees.

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Payhawk supports integration with 50+ HR information systems (HRIS), such as BambooHR, Hibob, Microsoft Entra ID, and Sage HR to name a few. Depending on your Payhawk plan, you can take advantage of the integration and automatically onboard and offboard employees directly in the system.

For more information, see the article about syncing employee data between Payhawk and your HR system.

Initial interaction between Payhawk and your HR system

By connecting to your HR system, you allow Payhawk to perform the following:

  • Access your HR data.

  • Sync employee data from your HR system.

  • Map companies from your HR system to your entities in Payhawk.

  • Map existing Payhawk users to employees in your HR system.


To connect the two systems, you need to set up the authorizations for accessing and reading data. The specific actions may vary depending on your HR system. For more information, see the list of the supported HR system integrations.

Connecting to the HR system

You can connect to your HR system either on a group or individual entity level.

To connect Payhawk to your HR system, follow the steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations.

  2. Under Available integrations, find your HR system. Click on Connect.

  3. On the next screen, click on Continue.

  4. In the dialog that opens, provide your consent for Payhawk’s read access to your HR data by clicking on Next.

  5. Provide the credentials required to connect to your specific HR system - for example, service user ID and password, API keys, and so on. Follow the instructions by your HR system and click on Submit.

  6. As a result, Payhawk will connect and analyze the data from your HR system. Once the process is complete, click on Continue.

  7. (For group-level HR integration) On the next screen, the wizard will enable you to map the entities in your Payhawk group to the companies detected in your HR system. The mapping is based on a selected property of the employees - for example, Company, Location, or a custom one. When the mapping is complete, click on Continue.

  8. Complete the process by clicking on Done.

    As a result, employees will be automatically retrieved into the Payhawk system and your active HR system integration will now be visible in the Settings > Integrations > Active section.

Disconnecting from HRIS

Disconnecting the HR system will prevent further automatic synchronization of employee data between the systems. Payhawk will keep the HR data that was last synced.

To disconnect from your active HR system integration:

  1. Go to the Settings > Integrations > Active section and find your active HR integration.

  2. Click on its three dots menu and select the Disconnect option.

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