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Syncing employee data between Payhawk and your HR system
Syncing employee data between Payhawk and your HR system

Sync your employee data between Payhawk and your HR system.

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When you have an active connection to an HR system, your employees’ data is automatically pulled to Payhawk, thus reducing manual effort for onboarding starters and offboarding leavers, and keeping your master data consistent across the systems.

Overwriting employee data

If available in your HR system, the following employee data will be overwritten in Payhawk:

  • First and last names.

  • Phone numbers - if a phone number has been changed, the next time the employee logs in to Payhawk, they will be prompted to verify the new one.

This mechanism applies for subsequent data sync as well.

For security reasons, email addresses that have been changed in the HR system are not automatically overwritten in Payhawk. The Payhawk administrators will be notified about the discrepancy and will be able to take appropriate action.

Adding employees

Upon establishing the connection between Payhawk and your HR system, all employees to whom you've allowed access will be added to Payhawk automatically and will receive an email invite by the system.

When the data is initially synced from the HR system, existing Payhawk users will be matched to the employees in the HR system based on their email addresses. When the data-syncing mechanism cannot identify a Payhawk user with a specific email address, it will automatically add the employee as a new user and send them an invitation link to log in to Payhawk.

Restricting employees from being synced

You can restrict employees in your HR system from being synced with Payhawk upon establishing the connection between the two systems. To do so, you need to configure the desired access credentials in your HR system so that they are not used by Payhawk for the sync.

As the restriction settings are different for each HR system, see the Merge documentation and resources:

Removing employees

With the initial data syncing, Payhawk users who do not exist with their email addresses in the HR system will be considered external users and will be reported to Payhawk administrators as unmatched. If they are not supposed to have access to the system, you can manually remove them.

For subsequent data-sync runs, removing employees from the HR system will result in removing users from the Payhawk account with which they are associated and freezing their cards for this account.

To ensure proper removal of employees from the Payhawk system, you are recommended to terminate or deactivate the employees in your HR system rather than removing them.

Synchronization frequency and reports

After the initial HR data sync, Payhawk will automatically trigger daily syncs every 24 hours.

After each HR data-sync run, Payhawk administrators will receive:

  • An email summarizing the new employees who have been added to Payhawk.

  • An email for each deactivated Payhawk user with the respective details - for example, their cards.

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