Let's get started with your Payhawk cards!

The article below is about how to activate your company cards. Payhawk offers virtual cards for online payments with the option to add them to Google & Apple Pay. Plus physical ones, or plastic debit cards for online and POS payments.

Activate your virtual card

Virtual cards are delivered instantly to the cardholder's mobile phone.

Your virtual card is automatically activated once it's issued. To access your virtual card go to the Payhawk mobile app and access it on the card button on the bottom right-hand side.

You don't have the app? No worries you can download it here!

Note: You can read additional information on how to setup your mobile app.

Activate your physical card

Congrats, your Payhawk physical card has arrived!

Now you can use your new card for company related in-store purchases and for your travels all around the world!  In order to activate your physical card you must have the Payhawk mobile app. 

Once you have installed the Payhawk mobile app follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Payhawk mobile app

  • Go to the card icon on the right-hand side 

  • Input your Payhawk mobile app security code 

  • Select the card you want to activate

  • Press Activate Card

  • Your card is ready to use! 


Please remember that physical cards are ordered separately for the employees through Payhawk's web app by the administrator. Each physical card is associated with individual employees. Each cardholder must activate their own physical card with the Payhawk mobile app.

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