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Activating your Payhawk card
Activating your Payhawk card

How can I start using my Payhawk cards and pay for company expenses? Where can I activate my physical or virtual cards?

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The Payhawk corporate cards can be virtual or physical (plastic or Premium metal).

The virtual Payhawk cards are intended for online payments. However, they can also be added to a digital wallet and used for payments on POS terminals.

The physical Payhawk corporate cards are intended for executing both online and POS payments, for example, company-related in-store purchases or for your travels all around the world.


To access your virtual Payhawk corporate card or activate a physical one:

  • Download the Payhawk mobile app:

    If you already have the app installed on your mobile device, check your Google Store or App Store for available updates to make sure you are using its latest version.

Accessing your virtual Payhawk card

Payhawk automatically activates its virtual corporate cards upon their issuance and delivers them instantly to the cardholder's mobile app.

To access the virtual Payhawk corporate card as a cardholder:

  1. Open the Payhawk mobile app.

  2. Tap on Cards. As a result, you'll be able to view your virtual Payhawk card.

Activating your physical Payhawk card

After your physical Payhawk card has arrived, you need to activate it so that you can pay company expenses on-site.

For security reasons, you can activate your Payhawk physical card only from the Payhawk mobile app.

After you have downloaded the Payhawk mobile app and activated your personal Payhawk profile, activate your physical Payhawk corporate card:

  1. Open the Payhawk mobile app.

  2. Tap on Cards.

  3. Fill out your Payhawk mobile app security code. 

  4. Select the card you want to activate.

  5. Tap on Activate your card аnd add the last four digits of the card. You can now start using your physical Payhawk corporate card.

When you pay with your physical Payhawk card for the first time, your card has to be inserted into the POS slot for manual card reading and you have to manually enter your PIN code. Afterward, you can use the card for contactless payments and online shopping. For more information, see the section on paying with your physical Payhawk card.

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