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Editing and deleting expenses on the web
Editing and deleting expenses on the web

Can I edit or delete the expenses I created on my computer? Can I update expenses I already sent or expenses that were already approved?

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In the Payhawk web portal, you can edit or altogether delete your existing expenses before your expense requests have been approved.


  • Paid and reviewed expenses cannot be deleted either by employees or by Payhawk accountants or administrators.

  • Pending approval, approved, and rejected expenses can be edited or deleted only by Payhawk administrators.

Editing and deleting unsubmitted expenses

To edit an expense in the Payhawk web portal that has not yet been submitted:

  1. In the Payhawk web portal, go to Expenses and select the expense you want to edit by clicking on it.

  2. On the screen that opens, click on any of the expense details.

    Alternatively, to delete your expense, click on the three dots menu and select the Delete option. On the next screen, check the confirmation checkbox and click on Delete.

Editing and deleting submitted or approved expenses

When submitting expenses, that is, when requesting them to be approved, reviewed, and paid, you may have included the wrong data or missed adding an optional detail, for example.

In such cases, you can edit expenses you have already submitted or that have already been approved without having to wait for the approver to explicitly return them to you.

The return for editing of the expense will be added to the audit log and can be viewed from the View history option.

To update your submitted or approved expense:

  1. In the Payhawk web portal, go to the Expenses > All tab.

  2. Select the desired expense by clicking on it.

  3. Click on its three dots menu and select the Edit option. As a result, the expense moves back to the Submit tab.

    Alternatively, to delete the expense, select the Delete option. In the confirmation dialog, mark the checkbox to confirm your choice and click on Delete.

  4. If the expense has been approved by some or all required approvers:

    1. On the next screen, confirm that you want to edit the expense and click on Edit expense.

    2. Update the necessary details.

    3. Click on Submit.

    If the expense has been submitted but not yet approved:

    1. You'll be redirected to the expense details screen. Update the necessary data.

    2. Click on Submit.

Editing and re-submitting, or deleting returned expenses

Your approver may have returned an expense request for you to update. Once the expense is returned, Payhawk will notify you on the mobile app and by email.

To edit and submit your returned expenses, or altogether delete them, follow the same steps described in this article.

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