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Issuing virtual American Express Cards
Issuing virtual American Express Cards

Issue and manage virtual Cards using your eligible physical American Express Card as a funding source through Payhawk.

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After you've linked your physical American Express Card in Payhawk, you can start using it as a funding source and issue virtual American Express Cards on top of it.

You can start issuing virtual American Express Cards in Payhawk only after you have connected the two systems and linked a physical American Express Card that you'll use as their funding source.

Notes on issuing virtual American Express Cards

Issuing the virtual Card

To issue a virtual American Express Card:

  1. In the Payhawk web portal, go to the Cards > Cards tab. Click on the New button and select the Virtual American Express Card option.

    Alternatively, go to the Linked cards tab, select the linked physical Card which you will use as the funding source of the virtual Card you want to issue, and, under Cardholders, click on the New virtual card button.

  2. In the dialog that opens, select the employee assigned to the corporate card.

  3. (Optional) Name the card.

  4. For virtual American Express Cards, you have to choose a physical American Express Card, which is linked in Payhawk, as a funding source.

    • For Cards with stand-alone limits, select the monthly recurring limit.

    • For Cards under existing company spend policies, select the policy to which you'll assign the card.

  5. Click on Issue card. As a result, the issued virtual Cards will be listed under the Virtual Cards tab of the linked Card for you to view.

As American Express Card feed linking in Payhawk is only available for US-based companies, you won't be able to issue virtual Cards to employees who haven't registered to Payhawk with a US phone number.

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