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My card transaction failed
My card transaction failed

Why cannot I pay with my Payhawk card? What to do if the payment with my card has failed?

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If a card transaction has failed and you haven't received a notification from Payhawk, make sure you have activated your push notifications. Payhawk always notifies the cardholders about any failed card transactions.

If your card transaction has failed even though your push notifications for the Payhawk mobile app have been enabled, try contacting the merchant.

If the merchant can't assist you, contact the Payhawk Support team over the chat or email at The more information the Support team has, the easier they can troubleshoot the issue.

When you contact Payhawk Support, provide them with the following details to help them investigate further.

  • First 6 digits and last 4 digits of the card, for example, 444444XXXXXX4444.

  • Day, time, and location of the attempted transaction.

  • Name of the merchant.

  • Amount.

  • Any error message that has been displayed.

  • If possible, send a print screen of the receipt or any error messages.

  • Information about whether you have contacted the merchant.

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