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Push notifications for failed card transactions
Push notifications for failed card transactions

How do I know if my card is frozen/blocked, closed, or inactive? Am I notified if the money on my card is not enough?

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As a cardholder, you need to know if a transaction with your Payhawk corporate debit card has failed and why.

In Payhawk, you can monitor each failed card transaction by sending you a descriptive push notification explaining the reason why the payment has failed.


To receive notifications about failed transactions, enable the push notifications for your Payhawk mobile app from the Settings menu of your mobile device.

List of notifications

The following table summarizes the push notifications Payhawk cardholders receive if an attempted payment with their card has failed.



Next steps

Insufficient funds

Insufficient funds. The card has insufficient funds to complete the [currency and amount] purchase. Go ahead and request funds now.

Tap the notification to be redirected to the Card details screen and submit a fund request.

Third-party security requirements

Use your chip & PIN. For security reasons, please manually type in your PIN. You can click [link] to view it.

If you have forgotten your PIN, tap the notification to be redirected to your card details and view your PIN.

Wrong or frozen card

Frozen Card. We cannot process your [currency and amount] payment from WholeFoodsMarket due to a frozen card. Click [link] to check the card status.

Tap the notification, check the status, and unfreeze your card.

Wrong PIN, CVV, or expiry date

Wrong PIN. You seem to have mistaken your PIN code. No worries! Click [link] to view your PIN.

Tap the notification and view your PIN.

Closed card

Closed card. The card ending in **** you tried to use is closed. Please find an alternative payment method.

Select another card or payment method to execute the payment.

Inactive card

Activate your card. Your card needs to be enabled. Click [link] to activate your card!

Tap the notification and activate your Payhawk corporate card.

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