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Travel insurance for Payhawk cardholders

What travel accidents are covered by my travel insurance as a cardholder? How can I file a claim from the Payhawk app or portal?

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VISA Payhawk cardholders of both virtual and physical cards issued within the European Economic Area (EEA) are insured for any purchases they make with their Payhawk corporate card during business travels. To provide insurance, Payhawk partners with AIG.

Overview of covered travel accidents

  • Accidental death or disability occurred during the business travel only.

  • Other business travel-related incidents such as but not limited to the following:

    • Trip cancellation

    • Medical expenses abroad

    • Repatriation

    • Baggage delay, loss, damage, or theft

    • Personal liability abroad

    • Visit of a hospitalized relative

    • Legal assistance costs

Filing claims

If any of the above scenarios apply and you need to file a claim:

  1. Navigate to your profile in the Payhawk web portal or mobile app.

  2. Click on Insurance.

  3. Click on the File a claim link which will redirect you to AIG.

  4. Once you enter the AIG portal, you will be asked to provide the last four digits of the Payhawk card with which you made the purchase and the bank details where you want to receive your reimbursement.

  5. Once you provide all requested details, click on Submit to send out the form. You will receive a confirmation in your email.

  6. When the claim is fully processed you will receive another email confirmation. For most business-related travel, it takes up to two days for the claim to be processed and, then, for the funds to arrive.

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